Calculate Formula for Rollupsum total likely amount of assigned user

I am trying to create a formula in the tasks module that calcultates the total likely amount in opportunities where the assigned user is the same in the task as it is in the opportunity.

Can anyone help as all I can do is get the total likely amount in any Opps that i relate to the task, but that's not helpful as all the Opps won;t be releated to the task?


  • In theory, we might have been in a position to set up a two steps calculation - a) to employ a custom calc field in Users module to rollupSum Likely amounts of Opps that are assigned to the User, and then b) to employ a custom calc field in Tasks to get that User's field value calculated via task assigned_to relation
    But unfortunately, I was unable to find Opportunities in the list of modules available for the rollupSum in Users module to perform the first step.. maybe other clubmates will be luckier...

    Nevertheless, my question would calculate the total of all Opps Likely on the Task record is created and/or/both edited may help to solve the business task?
    If so, the logic hook configuring may help - let me know the name of the custom field in the Task module you'd like to put the value calculated

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    Dmytro Chupylka
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  • Thanks for the reply, the field in the tasks module is YTD

  • I see what you mean, Opportunities is not an option in the related field of the user module.

    WOuld have been a good way to do it if it was.