Converted Lead Status Not Changing

We've added in custom lead status' outside of the default new, in process, converted, ect. 

Traditionally when converting a lead from in process to converted, the in process lead status would change to converted automatically upon creating the opportunity. 

Now, if a lead is in one of our custom status' and we convert to an opportunity it "freezes" the lead in that custom status, it does not move it to converted. 

Has this happened to anyone else using custom lead status'? Looking for a fix for this issue. 

Thanks in advance! 


  • Did you create a whole new dropdown field Status or did you add new options into the core one?

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  • When you convert the lead two things happen out of the box: the 'status' field is set to "Converted" and the 'converted' field is set to 1.

    The first controls what you see as the Lead's Status, the second controls whether you can use the "Convert" action (you cannot convert an already converted lead) and the convert/converted badge at the top of the lead.

    You can see this in : 


    The public function convertLead

    The assignment that changes the status is:

    $this->lead->status = LeadConvert::STATUS_CONVERTED;

    which is a constant defined as "Converted" at the top of the class in that same file: 

    const STATUS_CONVERTED = 'Converted';

    and the assignment that changes the converted field:

    $this->lead->converted = 1;

    What the status was before the conversion process, should not really matter, we have a lot of different custom statuses before conversion as long as you did not delete the "Converted" status from the dropdown you should see the Converted Status after the conversion is completed.

    Do you by any chance have a customized conversion process? Perhaps a file in your custom overriding or extending the original  LeadConvert class?