Product level tax rates

Has anyone else looked into implementing different Tax rates at product level, to subsequently use these within Quoted line items module?

The Product Catalogue module currently only has a dropdown to identify if a product is either Taxable or Non-Taxable, no filed to select which tax rate.

By the way, as we cannot even create the relationship between Product catalogue and Tax module as it's not in Studio, does anyone know how to expose this module to make use of it in Studio?

Many thanks

  • Here in Brazil tax rates are quite a nightmare, several variables and specific conditions. That said, we implement for our local customers these approaches, according to complexity of business taxes:

    • 1:M relationship between Tax Rates and QLI so Sales Person can select the Tax which better fits the scenario (easier approach)
    • Custom Accounting modules, their relationships with Product Catalog and some custom fields in the Product Catalog as well so CRM can calculate the appropriate Tax Rates based on nature of select QLI and Customer Accounting configuration (the powerful approach)

    Some other customers like to send the Quotes to ERP and let it to calculate the Tax Rates as it has all the data to process it and then bring back to CRM the calculated/updated Quote with Taxes.

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  • 1:M relationship between Tax Rates and QLI so Sales Person can select the Tax which better fits the scenario (easier approach)

    Not sure if I'm understanding correctly, but that is already standard, i.e. when you select a product (QLI) in a Quote, you have the option to select a Tax rate that is held in the Tax rates module.

    Its possible to add a custom dropdown field to the Product Catalogue

    That would not be an acceptable solution, because

    a) dropdown values would ned to be maintained seperatley instead of only once using the Tax rates module

    b) you'd need to change the core functionality and calculations that already use the standard relate field for each QLI that looks up from the Tax rates module.

    I believe the 'ideal' solution for us would be be able to select from the Tax rate module within the Product catalogue record.

    In order to do this, it seems we need to expose the Tax rate module so it's viewable in Studio, and then create either a Relate field or a full relationship (1:M relationship between Tax Rates and Product Catalogue?)

  •  Install zip with Module Loader then run QuickRepair

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  • Thank you  very kind of you.

    So we are now able to ad a custom 'Relate' field and select the Tax rates module within Product Catalogue.

    Would it be too much to ask for the logic hook that would select the associated Tax rate when a QLI is added to a Quote? Blush

    Happy to send you some beer money.

    Have a great weekend in the meantime!

  • Hi Tony,

    I like the vision that it takes just some beer for Sugar Admin to fuel the drawing of a Sugar logic hook with the Logic Builder no-code tool and in case of no tool in place, trying to set up algorithms via logic hooks may turn into a big beer party for non-developers :)

    I'd be happy to help with automation, but let's align expectations first.

    AFAIK from documentation, logic hooks in the Sugar platform could be configured to system events such as when creating, editing, and deleting records. 

    The Logic Builder allows to leverage solely Sugar platform capabilities to deliver that the code generated requires nothing else but Sugar core to operate - and that means for our case is that configuring doesn't change the nature of the logic hooks in the Sugar platform -
    we can configure a logic hook to select the Tax rate for a QLI on the basis of the Product Catalog's Tax rate - on e.g. QLI or other record is saved, not earlier.

    In case of a user performs actions via UI - populates QLI's Product field by selecting the record from the Product Catalog, - that is purely UI behavior and has nothing to do with logic hooks since neither saving, editing, nor deleting of the record happened yet -
    To adjust client-sided UI behavior, it would need development efforts to set the Tax rate for the QLI immediately on the user selects Product in the interface and e.g. to recalculate the Tax in the Quote's grand total on the fly - prior to the data provided in the form is saved, so that the user could make adjustments

    However, if the requirement is not about adjusting UI, and we are looking for the Product's Tax Rate to populate the QLI and the Tax in grand total is recalculated on the user saves the record - to perform that on the server background, - we should be in a position to employ logic hooks and therefore configure the algorithm with Logic Builder.

    please let me know what behavior is actually expected (describe the use case)

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  • Nevertheless, I've been able to mix no-code logic hooks with calculated fields to deliver both - to enable tax percentage on the Quote form on Product is selected and at the same time to set Relate field Tax Rate for QLI's on QLI is saved 

    check it on the video:

    to check on the instance. you may login (admin, asdf) 
    logic hooks involved are also deployed in that instance - the logic hooks drawings are the following:

    If that works for your case, I will share logic hooks ZIPs

    At the same time, the open question is whether it is required to recalculate Tax in grand total along with grand total

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    Dmytro Chupylka
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