[Doc Merge] - Library of Errors

Hi all,

I have been using docmerge for the last few days and come across a bunch of errors which im not finding overly helpful. I was wondering if anyone/sugar had compiled a list with troubleshooting steps?

a few:

malformed table

{insert field name} is not defined

Also, don't seem to be able to use IF conditions in excel templates.

  • Hi Ross. Sorry to hear you're having trouble using Doc Merge! We will work on making the Doc Merge errors more meaningful and providing more documentation to help you troubleshoot. Thanks for the tip!

    In the meantime, here is some technical meaning behind the errors you encountered (which you may or may not care about) and some suggestions for troubleshooting:

    • Malformed table: This is a parser error and means that the parser was unable to create readable xml tags. We suggest manually recreating the table and making sure the collection tags (e.g., {#calls} ... {/calls}) are in the proper cells. Start with a simple table and then build up complexity.
    • {insert field name} is not defined: This is a metadata error and it might mean that your metadata is out of date or that the tag is incorrect. Please recheck the field name that you are using is correct.
    • Unexpected identifier: This might mean that the field name is wrong. Please check your syntax.

    Right now conditionals in Doc Merge only work with Microsoft Word. We are looking into expanding this capability to Excel in the future. 

    You may find the help article on Sample Doc Merge Templates to be helpful to see how an example Excel template is set up, for example.

    Let us know if we can provide any more help!

  • Thanks for this Lydia. Very helpful. I do have one further query, if you don't mind answering? It is regarding looping over product bundles when producing a quote doc. I want to filter by the name of the bundle but cannot seem to get it to work. Am i being dumb?? the below works but shows me all of the bundles



    {if product_bundle_items.name==”Additional Items”}




    Additional Items




    {quantity} No

    {discount_price} Each

    {subtotal} Total {/products}



  • I have not tested myself, but I believe it is enough to enter "{if name==”Additional Items”}" as you are already looping through all product_bundles.  And then you need an ending if statement {endif}

    Hope this helps

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