Sugar 12.0: php, sql and elastic search


We're preparing for the release of Sugar 12.0. So we would like to know what the requirements on the server level will be when it comes to SQL, php and elastic search? Does anyone know? 

Thank you!


  • Hi

    from a customer perspective, there are usually announcements in the "Product Updates and Releases" side of the Club that will point you to Release Notes, there you will also find Supported platforms. v11 already supports MySQL v8 so at my organization  we're working to upgrade to that prior to the release of v12.

    The Developer Builds section of the Club also provides partners with pre-releases that you can install on your development instance prior to the actual release for those who want a head start. Note that you cannot upgrade from a pre-release to a full release, you'll have to start over with a fresh copy of your production system to run your upgrade, but it gives you a lot of insight as to what to expect - caveat of course is that there may still be some bugs that need to be ironed out, so not everyone likes that...


  • Tank you Francesca
    However, the reason for the question is that we are preparing to upgrade a customer to version 12. The customer have quite a lot of customisations (+200 modules). And as we do the upgrade we want to make sure we use the absolut latest supported versions of PHP, MySQL, ElasticSearch etc.
    The customer have load balancer and 6 application servers and master-slave db, ES, Nagios, etc. So it is important for us to start preparing a new set of servers already now to be able to quickly do the upgrade when version 12 is released.

    So can you please tell us what versions Sugar Professional version 12 will support?

    Thank you!


  • Sorry Joakim, I understand your scope, unfortunately I know as much as you, I don't work for SugarCRM ;)

    Looks like there will be a webinar next week, maybe it will have the answers you are looking for.

    Sugar Developer Webinar for Q2 2022

  • Hi everyone,

    As 12.0 hasn't been released yet (though it's coming soon!), this information can still possibly change, although unlikely at this stage. However, the plan is to add support for PHP 8.0 (and keep 7.4) and remove support for 7.3. We're also adding Windows Server 2019 support. 

    I'm still trying to find a more definitive answer of which Elastic Search version(s) will be supported as that's still being reviewed and finalized. 

    All other Server Requirements from appear to be the same, but if there's something that I've missed or if anyone has a specific question, please let me know and I'll see what else I can find out!

    Also,  may not ACTUALLY work at SugarCRM, but she can run circles around most of us Slight smile. I'd like to second her suggestion to join the Developer webinar next week and also add to make sure you have notifications turned on for and as we'll have plenty more information about 12.0 / Q2 2022 coming soon! 


    Alex Nassi
    SugarCRM | Sr. Community Manager

  • Hi ,

    if it works for you, we would be very interested on your experiences regarding the upgrade to MySQL 8, since we were having some problems that prevented us from going through with this, although 11.0.x was already also supposed to support it.

    We experienced this yet unresolved bug and ended up not doing the upgrade for the time being:

    Thanks in advance!


  • Thank you all for your responses. Much appreciated!
    And yes, I have already signed up for the Dev Webinar. 

  • My sysadmins are working on new servers with MySQL8 and we've not tested with the application yet, it's a work in process. I'll let you know what we find. 

    Thank you for pointing out that bug, I'll be on the lookout.

  • I'm still trying to find a more definitive answer of which Elastic Search version(s) will be supported as that's still being reviewed and finalized. 

    I want to follow up on this and confirm that Elastic Search 7.16.3 support will be added for 12.0. Everything else I listed above is still correct! 

    Alex Nassi
    SugarCRM | Sr. Community Manager

  • WRT Bug 87739 we came across the same bug.

    As you know MySQL >=8.0.19 no longer supports setting of integer display width

    It turns out that the "length" of an integer column doesn't mean anything in MySQL.
    A column of int(1) is the same as int(255) or int(50). They are all a fixed-size, 32-bit integer data type.
    They support the same minimum and maximum value.

    The mismatch we are seeing is not due to any issues with the Database, but rather with the fieldDef in the sugar application. When the comparison between the DB and the fieldDef is performed the system expects the len to match but there is no corresponding setting in MySQL >=8.0.19 at the DB level.

    Executing the resulting alter table is therefore useless, as all it is doing is trying to match the DB to the fieldDef when the problem, in the first place, is the fieldDef not the DB table.

    The ideal solution is to remove the len parameter from the fieldDef of all int field types.
    Changing the len parameter to nothing in Studio does nothing, because as soon as you save it defaults it back to 255

    A very cheeky workaround is to modify the "massageFieldDef" in /include/database/DBManager.php to set the len to an empty string for fields of type int.

    Just to test my theory, at the very end of the function I added:

    if($fieldDef['type'] === 'int'){
    //end custom

    This eliminates the Mismatch message from the QRR screen, but does NOT fix the fieldDef.

    I'm not 100% comfortable putting this "hack" in my production server but I thought I would pass this along just as an FYI.


  • any information on this discrepancy with MySQL v8?
    Is it resolved in v12?

    And if so, is there a patch for v11 so we can upgrade the DB before the conversion to Ent and upgrade to v12?