Managing Team specific Dashboards - Can anyone save me from an Admin nightmare?!

Hi All

We recently went live with our instance of SugarCRM Enterprise, Version 9.0.1. Upgrade pending due to heavy customisation.

I fear we have a created an Administrators nightmare with our dashboard config and hope someone can give advice.

We have multiple Sales Teams, each require various management dashboards with dashlets based on report graphs. To achieve this we created a standard set of reports for Team A, most reports using a filter where Assigned To User > Team Membership > Primary Team Name = "Team A" and then duplicated the dashboard, copied each individual report and amended the report filter to Assigned To User > Team Membership > Primary Team Name = "Team B" and so on.

We had to settle on this structure because we have users that do not belong to the Team, or report to the Team Manager that also need access to view each individual dashboard and couldn't find another way of filtering that allowed any user to view the data.

You guessed it, we now need to change the standard dashboard format and to do so means copying and modifying each individual report for all Teams all over again. Clearly this won't be the only time a change needs to be made.

Essentially, we want to create a standard dashboard and when we duplicate it have a way to copy and change the filter on each individual report that makes up the dashboard.

Does anyone have knowledge of something that could help us, either out of the box functionality that i have not discovered or a plug-in or something our developers could do?

Any advice welcome and hugely appreciated