Sugar Emails being forwarded into Junk Folders?

Hey All, 

Has anyone experienced challenges with emails sent directly from sugar being pushed into clients Junk folders? 

I understand that this may potentially be an external and therefore uncontrollable issue, but I wondering if anyone has experienced similar challenges and can supply work arounds for this. 

Any feedback is much appreciated.

  • Hi Josh,

    Email Deliverability can be a tricky subject. Sugar Sell sends email using the mail provider you have set up in your Outgoing Mail Configuration (see more here). So the delivery reputation would belong to that sending domain and IP address(es). Deliverability has much to do with your sending volumes, delivery statistics, and engagement. Each mail provider has its own criteria that it uses to determine when messages go to the inbox and when they are filtered to junk. While I wrote the below article for our Sugar Market documentation, the information would hold true for any bulk mail sending you may be doing and offers some good advice on how to improve your reputation over time.

    If you are mailing a contact or business you have a relationship with, you can also ask them to take some actions on their side that could assist such as:

    • Indicating in their inbox that the message is not junk by moving it to the inbox or marking as "Not Junk"
    • Ask the company to whitelist your domain or sending IPs on their mail server to ensure the mail is allowed through

    If the item is getting to the recipient, but going to junk, it is usually has more to do with either the content of the message (ie: is the language promotional in nature?) or the way that individual has interacted with previous similar messages in the past. This can be a difficult issue to remedy, but the tips in the article above should help, especially the ones on ensuring your content is of value to the recipient. 


    Director, Customer Enablement | SugarCRM