Archiving Emails to Opportunities

Hello All, 

I am wondering if anyone is familiar with an easy way to archive emails directly to opportunities. 

To provide some context:

I am able to archive emails against leads, contacts, and accounts. However, when an opportunity is generated, the lead and contact show up in their respective sub sections in the opportunity, but the emails tab remains empty. 

Perhaps I am doing something wrong within my workflow, but it would be great to see all emails between myself and the contact for that opportunity to show up on the opportunity page, without having to click on the lead and leave the page. 

Any thoughts on this? Thanks in advance! :) 

  • Hi Josh! Do you use the out of the box Sugar Outlook plugin to archive emails? With that plugin, you can archive directly to an opportunity. The key there is to first have a contact related to that opportunity, then the DB sees the link between the contact and the opportunity and will display it as an option to archive against. You can also search in the archive pop up box for an opportunity and archive it that way. Chat with us on our website if you have further questions! 


    PS here's a video on how to install the OOTB outlook Sugar plugin if you don't have it installed. Oldie but goodie! SugarCRM Tutorial: How to Install the SugarCRM Outlook Plugin - YouTube

    Sonja Fridell

    President, BrainSell

  • Hey Sonja, 

    Thank you for taking the time to reply. 

    Unfortunately, that is exactly the functionality that I am missing from the Sugar Plug-in.

    For example:

    I have a Lead, Contact and Account created, with I then generate an opportunity from said lead and contact. My opportunity now has Contact#1 and listed in the contacts dropdown.

    But when I hit my "Archive to sugar" button in outlook, I get an option to sync to Contact, Account or Lead. Even when I have the "Opportunity" checkbox selected. I get no options to sync to opportunity. 

    For whatever reason it is not recognizing my contact email within the opportunity..

  • Hi Josh,

    Perhaps, no need to use the check box for Opp when searching the email address - OOTB, it hardly can recognize opportunity by email address - search for the name of the opp.

    Anyway, in case to search the email address, it should find the Contact#1
    Once the Contact is found, try to expand  the Contact found in Outlook Plugin interface like a collapsed group

    Does it work? Do you see any Opps?
    On expanded it you should see the Acc and Opps records this Contact belongs to.

    If you select the checkbox for the Opp then Archive, the email record should be physically related to the Opp and therefore appear for the Opp on Emails subpanel

    Best Regards,
    Dmytro Chupylka
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  • Thanks for your reply Dmytro. 

    This is exactly what I needed. I never thought to expand the contact field. This will work just fine.