Mass Update Teams?

I need to add a couple users to 20+ teams, is there a way to do this en masse? I don't see any mass update option other than changing Private y/n

  • Adding user to a team would take up to 15 sec for Admin - including team search, which is 300 sec for 20 teams and, correspondingly,  600 sec or 10 minutes of  time to perform one-time work of adding a couple of users to 20 teams

    IMHO that would hardly worth any automation efforts for the given metrics of the articulated task 

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    Dmytro Chupylka
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  • Sorry Disagree - anything that speeds up user creation process and ensures more accurate security settings would be worth while.

  • That is a one-time operation - non-repetitive work, moreover - a service function, not a core process

    So the question to Sugar subscribers:
    what is your estimation - how much in EUR or USD yearly should cost a solution that speeds up the user creation process with configuring and automating that process, so that cost be worthwhile for cases like this?

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    Dmytro Chupylka
    We make work in Sugar CRM system faster, more convenient and efficient

  •  There's not a mass update option from the list view the way you're thinking for teams, but team and user functionality behaves somewhat differently than other standard modules and fields that allow this type of mass update. A few options are:

    • From the Team record:
      • When you click into the team record, you can select which users you want to add to the team by clicking the Select button on the Users subpanel:
      • This brings up the Users search which you can search for the users in question by name or other fields. Ideally, in your situation, you can search a field that will quickly narrow down who you need, such as the users all being in the same department. Check the necessary boxes next to the names and you're all set. 

        • If you have a field that would represent these users, but it's not on this layout, you can edit the layout in Studio > Users > Layouts > PopupView > Popup Search. You can add custom fields here too if necessary (say, these users were all being added as a part of an acquisition, you can add a checkbox field for "Former CompanyXYZ Employee" and use that for your search criteria.
      • This would need to be done on a per-team basis, for each of your 20+ teams, but hopefully, the User advanced search can help narrow this down better. 
    • From the User record
      • On the User record's Access tab, you can select teams to add the user to here:
      • This brings up a similar popup search, but this search view cannot be edited through Studio and has fewer options, but maybe a shorter list to parse through and, depending on the ratio of teams you have to the number of users, it may be the faster route. 

    Depending on your exact use case, looking to add so many users to so many teams may instead give an opportunity to evaluate your Teams usage to make sure you need all of those. For instance, would changes to Roles help at all (this article,, may give some ideas)? Alternately, do you know about the implicit nature of team membership? If User B reports to User A, User A is a member of B's private team by the implicit relationship, so you would not need to mass update User A to give this access. 

    I hope this helps!

    Alex Nassi
    SugarCRM | Sr. Community Manager