Use Case Example: Market & Sell for Product Adoption

According to SugarCRM's recent sales and marketing report, more than 1 in 5 sales pros and marketers characterize their Sales and Marketing teams as "Not Aligned." Of those, only 20% of sales professionals say they are "perfectly aligned" with marketing. And in marketing's opinion, it's just 2%. 

Along with leadership, culture, and team structure issues, marketing, and sales misalignment is often a sign of poorly integrated marketing and sales automation tools. Without systems that work together to properly track, manage, and convert prospects and customers along the sales cycle with the same views, information, and metrics, sales and marketing teams have an immediate disadvantage in getting their relationship back on track.  

With Sugar Sell/Sugar Enterprise and Sugar Market, teams can message prospects and customers at the right time, with the right message, to the right audience. 

Product Adoption Email Campaigns  

Let's look at one example of how these products can work together to encourage something all companies care about — product adoption.  

One way to drive product adoption is through email campaigns to new customers (or existing customers who have recently added a new product) adoption with tips, tricks & helpful information. Here are a few examples of adoption campaign emails you can use today.  

- Welcome Emails: Email new users describing how to configure, implement, or personalize their product.  

-Feature Emails: Spotlight features within your product, explaining how each feature works and its benefits.  

-Reminder Emails: Remind users to try out the feature if they haven't already. Provide case studies and testimonials to drive additional interest.  

-Resource Emails: Provide additional resources (help articles, blog posts, videos) to help users understand and try the feature. 

With Market, you build, send, and track these emails and see all relevant information in Sugar Sell. This will allow your account managers to follow up with customers' related questions.  

Client-Focused Adoption Events  

Ready to go beyond email? Market also gives your marketing team the power to build, manage, and run events directly from the platform. For example, you could create a webinar series to show users how to use specific features, get tips on popular use cases, ask questions, and share best practices with their peers.  

Online and in-person events are antastic ways to get in front of your users and encourage adoption, and you can host both through Market. In Sell, you can encourage your account managers to invite interested clients or view information about the events they attended. Or, assign follow-up tasks to account managers directly from Sugar Market. 

Want to learn more about how Sell and Market work better together? Reach out to your SugarCRM contact today.