Double Opt-In


Does anybody have any guidance on the most efficient way to execute double opt-in?

I want anyone who fills in a form but then doesn't confirm to have a status of "unconfirmed" or similar.

After they have confirmed I would like to then add all my options to several preference lists to build a preference page.

Would all of this be done through a nurture 2.0? Or could I use a combination of the form double opt-in and nurture?



  • Hi James,

    When contacts submit your forms and confirm their interest, you will want to add them to targeted nurture campaigns. Below describes how to create a report that can be used to include your double opt-in contacts in a nurture campaign.

    Steps to Complete

    1. Create a custom view that includes the Contacts and Opt-In tables, as described in the Sugar Market User Guide.
    2. Create a custom report that uses the custom view created in Step 1 and the following settings:
      • Data Source: Custom Views
      • Table: The custom view table created in Step 1
      • Report Type: Tabular
      • Report Name: Your preferred identifying name
      • Report Description: Your preferred identifying description
    3. Add the following report columns:
      • Contacts.Email
      • Contacts.ContactID
      • Contacts.opIn
    4. Add the following report filters:
    5. Identify the following columns on the Group By tab:
      • Contacts.Email
      • Contacts.ContactID
      • Contacts.opIn

        Note: It is important that the settings shown above match exactly to prevent potential issues with the report being added to nurtures and to ensure there are no rows with empty email addresses.
    6. Create a nurture campaign using the following settings:
      • On Step 1 of the builder, do not select the "Allow people to pass through the nurture more than once" option.
      • On Step 4 of the builder, select the report created in Step 2 as an include list and identify the auto-refresh interval to determine how often Sugar Market will check your include list for updates.

    Your nurture will continue to pull in your double opt-in contacts from the report according to the interval you selected.