Connector with ActiveCampaign


We are working with a Prospect that uses ActiveCampaign and as a first phase (thinking of eventually implementing Sugar Market) we want to connect Sugar Sell with Active Campaign.

We have been looking at this connector in SugarOutfitters but does not seem to be supported on Sugar Cloud.

I would like to know if anyone has any previous experience in connecting with Active Campaign and, if so, if there is any other connector.



  • Hello, Jorge

    Haven't heard about such plug-ins - we configured website visits integration use cases ourselves for Sugar Cloud using out-of-the-box ActiveCampaign Automation for sending notifications, , SNIP service by Sugar to trigger notifications processing, Logic Builder to configure processing and TimeLine Viewer as a TimeLine interface for visualizing events collected. 

    For campaign integrations we employed ActiveCampaign WebHooks - receive them with LB DataBridge middleware and send web hooks data over to Cloud based Sugar instance, where we configured webhook data processing and population through Sugar with Logic Builder configuring tool. 

    All of this is configured by consultant with no coding skills

    Also a note regarding migration between any marketing tools - please be aware that customer is at risk to loose all the tracking capabilities achieved per lead in ActiveCampaign when migrating to other tool 

    Best Regards,
    Dmytro Chupylka
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