Campaign field push to SugarSell leads

Hi! We are using SugarMarket and SugarSell and we enjoy the level of integration and synchronization between the two platforms.

One thing we are struggling with is with is how to auto-populate the Campaign field on the lead page with the origination campaign?

This is important for us to do ROI analysis on marketing assets. 

Should this not auto-populate from the origination campaign in Sugar Market? 

Appreciate any help / direction here!

  • Hi Glenn,
    Is it configured to represent Sugar Market Campaigns as Sugar Sell's Campaign module records?
    If so the campaign might be listed in the Lead's Campaign Log subpanel in Sugar Sell.

    Best Regards,
    Dmytro Chupylka
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  • Hi Dmytro,

    Thanks for taking the time to reply!

    We have configured the settings in SugarMarket to auto create campaigns and email stats to SugarCRM:

    As you say this does lead to campaign log being updated on each lead record. 

    What we are missing is auto population of the campaign field on the record view of the lead:

    This auto populated with our old provider but not with SugarMarket. 

    According to the definition here this field should be "The campaign from which the lead originated"

    Hope this extra information helps!

  • Glenn,

    the definition was given before the Sugar has acquired SalesFusion and might refer to that times when the value of the Campaign field is set manually or with API call, or on Sugar-made Web-to-Lead form submission - that form could be related to particular Sugar Campaign

    Could you please clarify the Lead acquiring process is configured in Sugar Market?

    E.g. on the Form submission to add a new Lead to the Sugar Market Campaign for sending some email.
    On lead opens/clicks smth in that email, the record about the behavior is collected in Campaign Log for that Lead.

    In which moment of time and what Sugar Market Campaign should be treated as lead originator?

    Best Regards,
    Dmytro Chupylka
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  • Hi Dmytro,

    In our minds the way it should work is that when a lead is created from SugarMarket the campaign field is populated with whatever campaign that lead was created from.

    Ie showing the origination campaign - ie the first marketing asset that the lead saw and caused them to interact with us. Ie a specific newsletter or webinar sign up.

  • Glenn,

    AFAIK, that first a lead record data appears in Sugar Market - as a result of Form submission or via manual data entering /integration - and only then a preconfigured Campaign could be triggered for it.

    The Landing Page was seen and used first (and has led to the new Lead record created) is represented on Landing Pages subpanel for the Lead record in Sugar Sell - along with further Landing Pages submitted by that Lead

    If to assume that the first interaction of the Lead with an asset within the campaign, - the campaign, which is triggered after the lead is created, - points to that campaign as to the Lead originator, then it should be the first record in the Campaign Log subpanel for the Lead record in Sugar Sell - the value in the Campaign column of the subpanel.

    The question is whether the assumption is proved by actual data collected in Sugar Sell instance.
    On the basis of this check, it could be decided what data to represent in the Lead's field for the sake of ROI analysis

    Best Regards,
    Dmytro Chupylka
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  • Hi 

    Sorry just trying to get my head around all this!

    I see you mentioned about the campaign log but that doesn't appear to be populating either for any of the leads so I don't think that would help here.

     - are you noticing this also?

    Perhaps someone could confirm best practice for capturing specific origination asset on the lead?

    - one for you?

  • Hi Glenn,

    Sugar Market cannot populate a field based on the first interaction a lead has with any marketing assets. The engagement with an email, form or your website can be pushed into a module inside the lead record in CRM. At this point the Market cannot do any further actions. Any updates from this point must be done via the CRM, by possibly using BPM or another method.

    Easier ROI setup from Sugar Market assets is an update in the product pipeline, but not in the near future.



    James Brown

    Sugar Market Team Lead


  •  ,

    Yes, that might be doable in Sugar Sell - to populate the Leads Campaign field with the link to the first Campaign listed in Campaign Log and I will try to help Glenn with it.

    However, as we can see from Glenn's screenshot, the Campaign Log subpanel is empty and that is an issue.

    From my experience it looks like this when properly integrated with Sugar Market:

    Any ideas why no records in Campaign Log on  Glenn's screenshot?

    It seems a Lead should be in Target List for Campaign in Sugar Sel in order to get Campaign Log data collected in Sell and this works well in the case of employing Sugar Market Email Campaigns - the leads were added to the Email Campaign in Sugar Market are synced to Sugar Sell as corresponding Campaign Target Lists members

    Glenn, have you added the Lead on your screenshot to Target Lists (distribution lists) of any Sugar Market Email Campaigns?

    I'm asking because when I tried to use the new Nurture 2.0 campaigns, I noticed that new participants do not integrate back to Sugar to the corresponding target list.

    I wonder whether it could be the cause of no records in the Campaign Log listed for the Lead in Glenn's screenshot even if Market-Sell integration is set up correctly - I have the same picture of no Nurtures 2.0 campaigns in the Campaign Log for the Lead.

    My case is 

    Support says that its a feature request for Nurture 2.0, not a bug:

    Best Regards,
    Dmytro Chupylka
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