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We're a B2B e-commerce and we'd like to run a few marketing activities to encourage our customers to re-subscribe to our marketing communications. From what I can see, even if someone completes our email sign up form after unsubscribing, they will still be blocked on Sugar Market by the "guarded watch list". I can technically opt them back in manually through Sugar support but that means I'd have to be notified that a customer in the watch list wants to re-subscribe. Has anyone come up with a solution to flag anyone who wants to be opted back in?

I wonder why people can't be removed from the guarded watch list automatically if they click on a double opt in form for instance? 

  • Hi Enzo,

    I can chime in on your second question - why can't people be removed from Guarded Watch automatically? Guarded Watch acts as a safe guard for unsubscribes. Each time someone opts out of emails through our standard unsubscribe process, they are opted out in Sugar Market, that opt out is synced to CRM, and they are added to Guarded Watch. This way, if that lead or contact were to be deleted from the database and later re-added, we still have record that they have unsubscribed. The ensures we are able to honor that opt out request. 

    In order to help keep contacts from unsubscribing, we recommend giving them the option to manage the types of communications they are receiving. This way they can opt out of the things they do not want to receive, but don't have to opt out all together. You can read more about utilizing a preference center here: https://sugarclub.sugarcrm.com/engage/marketing/b/share-your-story/posts/utilizing-a-preference-center



    Director, Customer Enablement | SugarCRM

  • Thank you for the clairification Jana :) - I thought Sugar didn't offer a preference centre. Is this a new feature?

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