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We're a B2B e-commerce and we'd like to run a few marketing activities to encourage our customers to re-subscribe to our marketing communications. From what I can see, even if someone completes our email sign up form after unsubscribing, they will still be blocked on Sugar Market by the "guarded watch list". I can technically opt them back in manually through Sugar support but that means I'd have to be notified that a customer in the watch list wants to re-subscribe. Has anyone come up with a solution to flag anyone who wants to be opted back in?

I wonder why people can't be removed from the guarded watch list automatically if they click on a double opt in form for instance? 

  • Hi Enzo,

    "we'd like to run a few marketing activities to encourage our customers to re-subscribe" - given many marketing activities involve emailing people and you can't email them, I'll take it as a given that you are reaching out to these customers on other channels.

    What you can do is direct people to a landing page (which has a checkbox stating they they were previously unsubscribed and they understand that checking this box is a request to be resubscribed and provides permission to email them again).

    When they fill it, instead of sending them an automated thank you email (which obviously won't work since they'll still be on guarded watch at this point) - send an automated email to support@sugarcrm.com with a link to the form and stating that this person has filled out this form requesting to be resubscribed, and the relevant account information.

    Hope this helps!


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