Predict The Future: What Will 2021 Bring?

No one could have predicted what 2020 would bring, despite the many conspiracy theories floating around. But here at Sugar, we like to hedge our bets. We’ve been making a list of predictions for 2021, and they have us laughing ourselves into the new year. Here are a few fortunes we’ve been pondering...

  1. In 2021...Sugar will release a ground-breaking new feature that will raise the standard of CX platforms 
  2. In 2021...aliens will walk the earth, but we’ll just give them masks and politely ask them to wash their hands 
  3. In 2021...Sugar will launch an all-new virtual reality event series
  4. In 2021...schools will start hosting high school dances on Zoom
  5. In’ll be able to mute and un-mute Zoom by clapping your hands
  6. In 2021...we’ll all begin to resemble baby Yoda more than human beings due to lack of sunlight exposure
  7. In 2021...we’ll walk around in the highest standard, environmentally-friendly bubble suits. Just don’t fall, because you will roll away
  8. In 2021...face masks will be sold as a sewn-in part of shirts. Thanks to high fashion, no one can “forget” a mask anymore

Don’t let us have all the fun - now’s your chance to put on your jewels and fire up your crystal ball. Tell us in the comments; what do you predict for the future?