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Dear Clubbers,

Our customer experienced the situation that the presale teammates have discussed conditions and made some oral agreements with the customer via chat and those were lost somewhere on the way, so the sales strategy was built on incomplete information. Eventually, all the joint efforts have made customer enthusiastic, but unfortunately, high expectations immediately turned to disappointment when the forgotten condition appeared at the very moment of decision making

I advised to consider employing Sugar CJP at least as a checklist so that the sales coordinator could manage the list of conditions and could mark them as discussed.

Is there any other advice?

  • As much as I know CJP can be useful for managing checklists, this to me reflects a broader challenge around teamwork and respecting the salesperson's.. leadership and your business' sales process. It is inevitable that customers will ask questions of everyone they speak to - but a commitment to what will be delivered should be primarily channeled through that sales leader or their openly delegated representative (e.g. the project manager who will run the engagement). These commitments that may be made verbally in meetings then should be documented into an offer/proposal to ensure everyone understands what was said, and there is agreement as to what that meant.

  • It is very true, that commitments should be controllable, and saving them as Offer in a text is fairly not enough for managing them.
    For managing purposes, we suggest to employ Sugar Studio and add a custom Agreements module to highlight both formal and non-formal agreements, which are key expectations along with contractual obligations.
    When agreements are concluded and entered, they also should be mentioned on Account's Timeline in Sugar extending the Account profile.
    To control the Agreements made, we use Event Management Suite for Sugar
    However, the challenge is how to make people share information on time rather than how to manage it once saved in CRM.

    Is there maybe an approach on how to identify key information in chats and suggest to save it in CRM or just save it in CRM automatically?

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    Dmytro Chupylka
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