SugarOutfitters October 2023 Round-Up

October Round-Up

Published Add-Ons

NetSuite for Sugar by Faye offers an effortless sync of NetSuite Customers, Contacts, Items, Sales History, and even facilitates opportunities from Sugar in real-time allowing for streamlined processes, automated tasks, and increased productivity.

Ambit Channel Sales was designed with the mobile salesperson in mind. This solution helps sales managers and sales teams better monitor and improve channel/retailer-led growth.

Metrics by MyCRM automatically enables users to view and generate reports based on additional data obtained from user and client activity. Get additional information such as the date of the last contact, the number of days a case has been open, or the average number of days needed to close an opportunity, and many more.

NiceReply Integration by MyCRM provides real-time analytics and reporting, allowing businesses to track customer sentiment and identify areas for improvement on satisfaction and loyalty

SYSPRO ERP helps customers align the front and back offices to optimize inventory, streamline supply chain and manufacturing operations, and drive additional revenue.

Choose from Upsert Call Center for Microsoft Teams Phone or Upsert Call Center for RingCentral to automatically create call records and serve up caller insights in real time, so you can focus on driving calls to resolutions and upselling an elevated experience.