SugarOutfitters: August Roundup

August Roundup

Published Add-Ons

Browse these listings published in the month of August.

Add-On Features

DocMerge EU Region Setter ensures that your Sugar Enterprise on-premise customer data stays within the EU when using DocMerge to keep your organization in accordance with privacy laws.  

Skyvia a cloud data integration platform, helps customers synchronize CRM data between business applications and build data warehouses. 

Upsert Last Modified By creates a time stamp to easily show who last changed a field and when. 


Shared Organization Accounts 

Just like in Sugar Customer or Partner Portal, multiple users can now log in and manage a sharedOutfitters account. For customers, this means multiple users can access and update their organization's Add-On purchases. For sellers, this means multiple users can access and manage their organization's Add-On listings, sales, and end customers.

If you'd like to have your SugarOutfitters account converted into a shared organizational account then please contact us at

Required Price Plans

Add-On Sellers will notice an upgrade in features as pricing plans now require an additional price plan to be purchased at the same time so that they are sold as a bundle. This makes it easier for partners to offer more complex add-ons (like integrations) that require one-time setup or on-boarding services in addition to a subscription. 


Social Media Banner Links

We have introduced a new default social media banner when sharing Outfitters links on social media. This should improve how SugarOutfitters pages appear when shared via social media platforms.