Glances for Sugar Dashlet Gives 360-Degree View of Your Data Across Multiple Apps

If you are reading this article, there’s a good chance you spend part of your workday navigating customer data in SugarCRM. Or, maybe you feel like you live in the platform and rely on its super features, like the always-there knowledge Sugar dashlets provide. We know Sugar is the sweet part of your company’s tech stack, however, what happens when you want to keep working in Sugar but need to tab-toggle your way to view data or complete tasks in other business apps? Enter Glances.   

Brought to you by the team behind SugarChimp and Fanatically Zen, Glances is a patented, no-code integration platform that makes SugarCRM and all your apps work together. Today we’ll cover how to add Glances as a dashlet in Sugar, then recap what Glances is and how it helps your dream workflows become reality. For the overachievers out there, you can jump directly to the how-to video below.  

Video: Add Glances as Dashlet in Sugar (It Takes 1 Minute)

Steps to Add Glances as a Dashlet in Sugar

While Glances will work in the Sugar platform regardless of adding the dashlet, you may consider this option if you want to always see its 360-degree view of your data across apps when you’re working on CRM activities. Glances as a dashlet not only puts your holistic data front and center, it also makes your data feel like it lives in Sugar without the hassle of integrating your other applications.

Adding Glances directly to Sugar as a dashlet takes about one minute of your time and enables you to search for records when you’re on an account, contact, or lead. You can also add the dashlet to Sugar’s home dashboard. To get started adding the dashlet, check out the steps below or read the how-to article on the Glances support site.  

Step 1: Add Glances as a trusted domain

  1. From within SugarCRM, navigate to the Adminpage
  2. Under System, click Content Security Policy
  3. Within Trusted Domains, add https://*
  4. Click Save

Step 2: Add a web page dashlet with as the URL

  1. From within a record (such as a contact, target, lead, or account) click the blue circle in the bottom right of the page
  2. Select Add Dashlet
  3. Click Web Pagewhich appears at the bottom of the list
  4. Title the dashlet to Glancesand add as the URL
  5. Click Save

Step 3: Start your search using the Glances dashlet

  1. From any account, contact, or lead view in Sugar, enter a name or email address in the Glances search bar
  2. Watch Glances quickly compile all related data across your connected business apps in one view
  3. Click any app (such as Zendesk, QuickBooks, Stripe, etc.) to open more details, then click on each line item to expand more information
  4. Click the Glances Action menu to perform time-saving tasks for other apps while working directly in Sugar. Note that Actions are pre-built based on the apps you connect, but custom options are available to streamline your team’s workflow.

 Important: This unique dashlet view will not follow you to your other apps. For that functionality and other features like Highlight and Search, be sure to also install the Glances browser extension

What’s the next step? Auto-loaded data in the Glances dashlet for Sugar!

Imagine viewing a record in Sugar and having Glances automatically load all related data across your other business apps. Nice, right? Team Glances is working to eventually release this new functionality, saving users one step of entering a name or email address in the Glances dashlet search bar. Want that ability right now? Let us know.

From Viewing to Doing: How Glances Works

Glances helps you quickly find and see customer data from SugarCRM and any of your business apps, in one 360-degree view. Using Glances as part of your daily routine enables you to ditch app switching, tab toggling, and constantly losing focus – and get back to the meaningful work you were hired to do.

Beyond viewing data, you can save time on repetitive tasks and reduce data entry errors by using Actions, the dream workflow feature that empowers you to perform tasks for other apps directly within Glances. In seconds, create and send QuickBooks invoices, start Zoom meetings, make Aircall calls, add new Sugar contacts, and much more without navigating away from your preferred platform or webpage.

In the animation below, watch how the Glances browser extension works in Sugar, showcasing the Highlight and Search feature.

Getting Started with Glances

If you currently use SugarCRM and other apps, get a personalized tour of Glances to see how it can help make your dream workflows possible. Or, send our team an email any time at 

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Contributed by:

Jessica Biondo, Director of Marketing at Fanatical Labs

Heidi Washington, Director of Customer Support at Fanatical Labs