Sugar Launches New CRM and Sales Impact Report

Did you see the news? Sugar has launched a new CRM and Sales Impact Report, which surveyed 1,000 sales professionals in the US, UK, Germany, and Australia from companies using a range of traditional CRM systems.

The research confirms most businesses have a fragmented, dated and distorted picture of their customers, affecting the level of service that they can deliver and their ability to grow. To transform customer experience into a competitive advantage, businesses need to replace their current hazy view of the customer with a sharply focused view that’s rich in breadth and depth. At Sugar, we've coined this as high-definition customer experience (HD-CX.) It's important to overcome a fragmented, dated, and distorted picture of customers. Failure to achieve HD-CX could affect service levels and severely impact sales professionals' ability to grow.

According to the report, 48% of sales professionals believe that their CRM systems are unfit for purpose, while customer churn is costing mid-market companies an average of $5.5M per year each.

The report findings are a statement about traditional CRMs. It validates our premise that traditional CRMs suffer from a lack of fidelity and require more effort to maintain than the value they return. Through extensive innovation, Sugar has differentiated itself from traditional CRMs. In fact, with SugarPredict empowering Sugar Sell customers with AI, we believe Sugar is a key part of the solution.

To download the full CRM and Sales Impact Report from Sugar, including regional data for the  US, UK, Germany, and Australia, visit: