Should You Nominate Yourself for a Customer Breakthrough Award?

Should you nominate your organization for a Customer Breakthrough Award? The answer is YES. As long as you are a SugarCRM customer using one of our solutions to meet your company's needs, you are eligible to nominate your company for consideration. If you want to, you could submit your company for two or three awards — whatever your heart desires!

Wondering how you can get your name in the running?

 Take a moment to look through our award categories. From there, it's easy.

  1. Make sure you understand the Submission Guidelines and Agreements before proceeding with your nomination. Keep in mind that we are only able to accept nominations in English at this time.

  2. Collect a high-resolution company logo and a professional headshot to be used in public materials as part of your nomination. If submitting for a joint award, please provide materials for both the customer and partner parties. 

  3. Prepare a company boilerplate and URL that sums up your entire company — who you are, what you do, and why you exist. Please be sure that all provided information is approved by your company as it will appear in public statements. 

  4. Build a strong nomination by being clear and captivating. If you are uncomfortable with nominating yourself, ask your Sugar advocate or partner to do so for you. You can increase your chances of being chosen as a winner by including as many details as possible on your business mission, use case with Sugar, and/or business impact. We suggest including:
    • ROI, KPIs, and measurable business impact
    • A compelling backstory and information on your business
    • How you leverage Sugar to support your initiatives and goals

  5. Submit your nomination and wait for October 17th, when winners will be privately notified!

What are you waiting for? Let's get this nomination started!