Release Week Returns in the New Year!

Save the Date for Release Week, returning January 23 through January 27, by turning on notifications and bookmarking the official Release Week group. This release is an exciting one, and here’s why: 

Sugar Sell, Serve, and Market are getting a complete user interface (UI) redesign. The research-based modern UI is sure to support productivity for your team by shifting everything to a left-hand navigation. The redesign will launch for our Cloud products beginning in January with the 12.3 upgrade for Sell and Serve and the 23.1 release for Market, and for our on-premises customers beginning in April of 2023 with the 13.0 upgrade. 

What’s more, Sugar Serve and Sell Focus Drawers are majorly improving, making it easier for sales and service reps to see all the customer information they need in one tab, without navigating using the back button or opening new windows. As the Sugar motto promises, we’re “making the hard things easier” by reducing clicks and increasing work efficiency.  

Forecasting in Sugar Premier is also getting better! The 12.3 upgrade will launch the ability to string together data from multiple modules for even more accurate reporting at a quick glance with our new Forecast Tracker dashboard. 

In addition to the UI redesign, Sugar Market will also boast a highly simplified navigation. We’re reducing the number of modules by 75 percent to surface the solution’s most powerful tools, making the search bar more prominent, and reorganizing top features to make it easier for your marketing teams to navigate the platform and get where they’re going quickly.  

One of the more exciting components of Release Week is that our continuous improvements are a result of feedback from customers like you! You asked, and we listened. We hope you’re as excited for this next version of Sugar as we are. We’ll see you during Release Week.