New SugarOutfitters Add-Ons for April!

What’s Going On? 

Now available on SugarOutfitters is a batch of freshly published Add-Ons, ready for use! These Add-Ons are designed to extend the value of your Sugar platform and investment. These latest Add-On capabilities range from improved account hierarchy visibility to integrations with popular commerce and marketing tools.  

What’s New? 

What’s Next?  

The SugarOutfitters team is posting new listings every week! Stay connected and check to discover the newest and best Add-Ons available for your system.  

  • This is great, thank you Julia.

    For those who are familiar with the Account Hierarchy on Demo Builder, we discussed with our users and improved it in many ways (adding filters, customized cards, etc.) Sweet Hierarchy is the Account Hierarchy on steroids. It is the productivity tool that everyone needs.