See How Sugar Ranks in These Two NEW Customer-Driven Reports

Nothing matters more than what our customers think. So that’s why these two new customer-driven rankings have us really excited. Don’t leave! I promise it’s exciting stuff. You may have read the news or heard the buzz already, but we’ve packaged up some exciting standings in case you missed it. As the Customer Marketing Manager at SugarCRM, an important part of my role is maintaining our profiles on peer review sites. That’s why I feel humbled and privileged to share the results of your feedback directly with you. 

Sugar Takes First Place in SoftwareReviews’ 2021 Emotional Footprint Report

This is perhaps the most exciting way to kick off the new year. Sugar vaulted from fourth place last year to first place this year in the Emotional Footprint Report, ranking higher than Salesforce and others. With a CX score of 8.6, Sugar has taken its place at the top among 14 other key CRM vendors in the market. Here are some of the key takeaways of Sugar’s positioning in the report:

  • Sugar scored first with 94% for Plan to Renew
  • Ranked second in satisfaction out of fourteen vendors for Likeliness to Recommend (83%)s
  • Ranked second in satisfaction out of fourteen vendors in Cost that is Fair Relative to Value (81%)
  • In addition, Sugar received top scores for capabilities and product features, including ‘Ease of Customization’ and ‘Product Strategy and Rate of Improvement’.

And that’s all great news, but what makes it so special? The fact that the report is based solely on customer feedback and is uniquely the only report out there that quantifies what it’s actually like to do business with each vendor. Sugar’s position as champion is much more than street credit; it’s a testament to the cultural and strategic shifts that have taken place at the company within the last two years and our commitment to our fourth pillar, creating customers for life. Click here for a copy of the report.

Sugar is Named a G2 Mid-Market Leader for the 18th Consecutive Quarter

For the 18th consecutive quarter, Sugar has been named a leader for the mid-market. Sugar received high customer satisfaction scores for ease of doing business, ease of administration and meeting overall requirements. With a shorter time to value than other leaders, highly ranked features for Sugar Sell include customization, contact management and contract management. In addition, Sugar has also been named a leader in the Overall CRM Winter Grid Report and is three market presence points away from being a leader in the Enterprise Grid Report. Click here for a copy of the Mid-Market CRM Grid report

We’re thrilled to see our commitment to customers continues to make an impact on our loyal customers. We very much feel that we are delivering on our promises, but your feedback is what counts most at the end of the day. Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback. If you want your input to be included in future reports, leave or update a review on G2 or SoftwareReviews