New Naming Convention for Sugar Releases

In 2004, Clint Oram and the other Sugar founders embarked on a profound mission that changed the CRM landscape forever. Sixteen years later, Sugar has grown into a truly global company with 7 offices worldwide and customers spanning 6 continents, 26 languages, and 120 countries. In light of our worldwide business, Sugar is making a long-overdue change to our product release naming convention.

Beginning with our upcoming quarterly release scheduled for early next week, SugarCRM will be adopting a new naming convention. We will be ending our season-based naming of releases (Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall), and adopting a naming convention based on calendar quarters. So the next release will be called the Sugar Q2 2020 (10.0) Release [instead of the Sugar Spring ‘20 (10.0) Release]. This new naming convention should be less confusing for those of you in the southern hemisphere. In line with this naming scheme, the next four releases will be named as follows:

  • Sugar Q2 2020 (10.0) Release - April 2020
  • Sugar Q3 2020 (10.1) Release - July 2020
  • Sugar Q4 2020 (10.2) Release - Oct 2020
  • Sugar Q1 2021 (10.3) Release - Jan 2021

Please note that all other aspects of our release methodology remain the same. We will still be issuing releases following our normal quarterly cadence for SugarCloud release and annually for on-site releases. The Sugar Supported Versions Policy will also remain the same.

Warm regards,

David Campbell

VP of Product Marketing