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We wanted to share the opportunity to join the conversation and talk about your experiences with SugarCRM on G2. Your feedback is incredibly important to us and it not only helps us improve but also helps other potential customers in making decisions about using Sugar. 

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  1. Visit the G2 siteClick on the solution you're using below to leave your review or access through your personal review link. If you're using more than one solution, feel free to leave another! 
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  2. Share Your Thoughts: Take a moment to share your honest feedback about your experience with our products or services. Here's a few things you can consider sharing: 
    • Onboarding: Tell us a little bit about your experience with becoming a Sugar customer.
    • Ease of use: How has Sugar efficiently integrated into your business?
    • Overall satisfaction: Are you enjoying Sugar?
    • Features and functionality: Share which features have helped your business.
    • Customer support: Tell us about your experiences with our customer support team.
    • Integration capabilities: Let us know how Sugar integrates with other tools or platforms in your workflow.
    • Results you're experiencing: We'd love to hear results or improvements you've experienced since using our Sugar.

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