Join our EURO 2024 Tournament Predictor and Win!

Are you excited for the EURO 2024 Football Championship starting this Friday? SugarCRM’s Marketing has a fun challenge prepared for you: the SugarCRM Tournament Predictor. 

How to Participate 

Test your soccer knowledge and stand a chance to win the grand prize: an original signed Pelé soccer shirtHere’s how to join: 


Follow These Steps: 

  1. Drag and drop the teams in the order you think they will finish within each group 
  2. Pick the 4 best 3rd place finishers 
  3. Select the winning teams for each of the fourteen knockout games 
  4. Select the winning team for the final game 
  5. Fill in your details: Name, Email, Leaderboard Name, Mobile Number (optional) 

The points will then be awarded based on the accuracy of your predictions and vary depending on the phase of the tournament.   

Sounds interesting? Join the competition by June 14th, 12 pm PT / 3 pm ET / 9 pm CEST to have fun and showcase your soccer expertise!