Is It Your Time to Shine with a Customer Breakthrough Award?

We often hear the question: "Should my organization consider nominating ourselves for a Customer Breakthrough Award?" If you're a loyal user of SugarCRM, enhancing your business processes with our solutions, then our answer is a resounding "YES!" 

Whether you've achieved one notable success or multiple, there's room for you in our various award categories. Dream big! You can nominate your company for multiple awards if you feel your achievements span across different categories. Whether you are confident that your journey in digital transformation is award-worthy or not, we hope you'll entrust us with your nomination! 

Before you dive headfirst into the nomination process, here are some steps to ensure a seamless experience: 

Dive into our Award Categories: Explore each category and find where your achievements resonate the most. 

Familiarize yourself with the Submission Guidelines: As always, knowledge is power. Ensure you’re aligned with our submission guidelines.  

Graphics Matter: We'll need a high-resolution company logo and a professional headshot for promotional materials. If you’re eyeing a joint award, gear up with logos and images for both parties involved. 

Craft Your Story: Draft a succinct company boilerplate with an accompanying URL. This should encapsulate the essence of your company. As these details could be shared publicly, ensure all details have the green light from your organization. 

Make Your Nomination Shine: Details, details, details! The more specific you are about your achievements, the better. Showcase measurable impacts, tell us the unique story of your business, and enlighten us on how SugarCRM has been a game-changer for your operations. Points to consider include: 

  • ROI, KPIs, and tangible business results. 
  • Your journey, challenges, and how you overcame them. 
  • The magic that unfolds when your business and SugarCRM join forces. 

Submit & let Sugar do the work: Once you've hit that submit button, mark January 8 on your calendars. That's when we'll be announcing our winners! 

The stage is set, the spotlight awaits. Will this be your breakthrough moment? Dive into the nomination process and let the world hear your success story.