Fake News! Common SugarCloud Myths Debunked.

Many of our customers are keen to investigate moving their Sugar software over to the SugarCloud but are worried about security, reliability, and cost. Cloud computing continues to be plagued by myths and falsehoodsdespite moving into the mainstream. 

Here are some of the most common myths we come across when we talk to people about our SugarCloud: 

Cloud is expensive and offers little extra. 

Cloud economics is one of the most contentious current questions in enterprise IT. The reality is complicated, as cost is highly dependent on a company’s starting point, but in most situationscloud computing’s ‘pay-as-you-go’ model helps prevent unnecessary spending on infrastructure.  

The easiest way to understand the cloud computing pricing model is to liken it to an iceberg. With an on-premise iceberg the ice that is showing above the sea (the license fee) is only about 9% of the total cost of deployment after taking into consideration the extra cost of customisation and implementation, hardware, IT personnel, on-going maintenance, and training. With a cloud solution, the license cost may be slightly higher in cash terms, but it typically represents around 68% of the total cost with only implementation, customisation and training left to finance. The hidden part of the iceberg is much smaller with a cloud deployment. 


SugarCloud not as secure or Reliable as onsite or 3rd party hosting 

SugarCloud is engineered inside Amazon Web Services (AWS) - the largest and most secure cloud provider in the market boasting 230 security, disaster recovery, compliance, and governance services and features, including ISO27001.  

Sugar itself conforms to SOC 2 standards and undergoes rigorous audits each year to ensure its technology stack & processes conform to mitigate security risks. The continuity of our business is tightly linked to keeping our customers applications and data secure after all our reputation is built on it.   

In addition we enjoy world leading reliability, for instance last year we enjoyed 99.999% up-time, in Europe which equates to roughly minutes of downtime throughout the year.  


I wouldn’t be able to move my customisations to the cloud 

This is a misconception we hear quite often from customers as they often worry that their software is too complicated to move across to the cloud, but migrating customisations across to the SugarCloud is very commonplaceCustomisations that have been created within the original application (Studio) will generally migrate with little or no extra work required. Customisations created outside the application may require some re-work but this would be identified in the pre-migration discovery and addressed in the Cloud Readiness phase of the migration process.  


I am giving over control by moving to the SugarCloud 

In general, cloud solutions are not as rigid as most people assume. SugarCloud offers all customers full flexibility to create individual customisations, integrations and workflows based on your own requirements. The only restrictions in place are there for the protection of our customers and to ensure system continuity and security.  

SugarCloud is just hosting 

Actually, SugarCloud is a fully managed service within AWS where AWS provides the infrastructure and SugarCloud is responsible for sever patching, application upgrades, 24/7 monitoring, backups, optimisationdisaster recovery, support and more. In this guise, SugarSellSugarServe and SugarMarket are all cloud applications. 


There is no difference between cloud and on-premise software 

Many cloud versions of software just exact copies of their on-premise cousins. Think about Microsoft Word, or PowerPoint, some would argue that there is actually less functionality in the online (cloud) versions. This is not the case with the SugarCloudContinuous cloud innovation means the functionality gap between cloud and on-premise solutions is growing all the time, and with AWS technology enabling features not possible on premise (such as AI) this trend is only going to get more pronounced.  

The only way to ensure you are benefiting from the latest Sugar technology is to be on the SugarCloud.