Exciting Update: SugarCRM Welcomes sales-i to Our Family!

Hello Sugar Community, 

We have some fantastic news to share with all of you! SugarCRM is proud to announce our recent acquisition of sales-i, a leading provider of predictive B2B sales intelligence software. This acquisition marks a significant milestone in our journey, bringing together two industry leaders to supercharge your sales performance with intelligent account management. 

What This Means for You 

Enhanced Customer Insights and Analytics 

By integrating sales-i’s advanced sales intelligence solutions with Sugar’s robust sales automation platform, we’re enhancing your ability to dive deep into customer behaviors, engagement, and buying patterns. This integration will help you pinpoint operational efficiencies and refine your sales strategies to accelerate business growth.

  • Discover high-quality sales opportunities within your existing customer base. 
  • Receive real-time alerts on customer activities, allowing for personalized and timely business decisions. 

Unlocking Revenue Opportunities 

sales-i opens up new avenues for revenue by uncovering potential cross-sell, upsell, and link-sell opportunities based on historical data and engagement trends. You’ll gain insights into the likelihood of additional product or service orders and other factors that can drive revenue growth.

Centralized Access to Account Intelligence 

Our integration ensures that all sales analytics are centralized, providing comprehensive insights across customers, teams, branches, and products—right at your fingertips without ever leaving the Sugar platform.  

Looking Ahead 

Currently, sales-i is available both as a standalone product and as part of Sugar’s sales automation solutions. We are committed to deepening this integration, with plans to introduce tailored bundles that meet your specific needs

Join Our Upcoming Webinar 

Don’t miss our webinar where we will delve deeper into what this acquisition means for you and how it will help unlock the full potential of ERP transactional data to foster new opportunities and boost revenue. Register here. 

Get Answers to Your Questions 

For any questions you might have about this exciting development, check out our FAQs: 

If you have other questions, please feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager, partner directly or contact us at sales-i@sugarcrm.com. 

Hear What Fellow Customers are Saying 

"Integrating sales-i with SugarCRM has been a game-changer for our team, putting valuable sales insights right at our fingertips. I love that we can combine soft data (such as customer interactions) with hard data (such as purchase history) to better serve our customers' needs. We are also more efficient, targeted, and effective in our outreach since sales-i unlocks insight into buying behavior and, in turn, prompts our sales team in Sugar with specific product placement suggestions. It saves us so much time, especially as we onboard new salespeople."

– Beth Freeman, EVP of FSIoffice 

Read The Case Study

This is an incredible time to be part of the Sugar family, as we continue to grow in resources, offerings, and expertise, all aimed at helping you sell smarter. 

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