Customer Spotlight: 2021 Top Marketing Campaign of the Year Winner Funds2Orgs

Today is (un)officially Funds2Orgs Friday! Funds2Orgs, also known as Elsey Enterprises, got their start in Wayne Elsey's kitchen. Today...they're the nation’s largest shoe drive fundraising company. They were working from Spreadsheets to start. When the company realized Excel wasn't going to cut it anymore, they turned to SugarCRM. Funds2Orgs is a Sugar Sell and Sugar Market user and our award winner for the 2021 Top Marketing Campaign of the Year. Why did they win, you ask? Because their use of Market to automate lead emails, track bag counts and fundraiser status, and simplify workflows across teams empowers their team to build stronger relationships with partners that keep coming back.

Their use of Market to support campaigns for donations and shoe drives is not only putting a little sole back into the world, but also freeing up to 50% of their sales team's time, so they can focus on relationship building to drive up the frequency of donations and create repeat donators. 

We're so excited to share their story with you! 

  How Do You Let the Platform Do the Work: 
It doesn't end here! Keep an eye out for more on Funds2Orgs.

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