Crafting a Winning Nomination for the Customer Breakthrough Awards

Considering a nomination for the Customer Breakthrough Awards? Unsure how to make your story stand out? Let us guide you through crafting a nomination that showcases your company's achievements in the best light. 

  • Check Eligibility - With eight distinctive categories up for grabs, first determine where your journey with SugarCRM fits best by reviewing the Customer Breakthrough Awards page. 
  • Before/During/After - Your company's journey is unique, and telling that story is essential. Begin by illustrating what business was like before integrating SugarCRM. Delve into the challenges you encountered, the decision-making process behind choosing our solution, the transformative power of our platform in achieving your objectives, and the ensuing triumphs. 
  • Highlight ROI - To truly distinguish your nomination, back up your narrative with tangible results. Strengthen your story with KPIs that manifest the ROI since deploying Sugar. Those numbers make a difference. 
  • Partner Up - While we encourage you to pen your own tale, we understand that sometimes, you might want some help. Remember, your Sugar champion or partner is always there to assist in shaping your nomination. However, there's no storyteller like you, bringing your unique voice and style to the table. 

Time's ticking, though. Remember, nominations close on November 11. We're eager to hear your story, so start crafting that award-worthy submission!