ANNOUNCEMENT: Exciting New Offerings for SugarCloud & On-Prem Customers!

Sugar is dedicated to making our pricing simple and transparent for our customers while also offering the best mix of features and solutions at a great value. That’s why today, we’re excited to announce some changes to our solution portfolio.  

Note: This article was last updated Sept. 11, 2023. 

Sugar Sell Advanced – Now with Mail & Calendar Integration  

The first is a change to Sugar Sell Advanced. Mail & Calendar Integration (or, as you may know it, Sugar Connect) will now be included with every new instance of Sugar Sell Advanced for the compelling price of $85/per user/per month.  

We heard your feedback that Outlook & Gmail integration was crucial for your small and midsize businesses. We’ve included Connect (previously an add-on) for a discounted price for all new Sugar Sell Advanced deals.  

Is there an option for existing customers? (Sugar Advanced Promotion)  

Yes, we have a promo for you! Existing Sell Advanced customers can upgrade all their users to the new Sugar Sell Advanced for a special promotional price through January 31, 2024. Please note: some limitations may apply, including a 25-user limit. Please contact your customer success manager or Sugar partner for more information. 

Are other add-ons still available?  

Add-ons (Sugar Hint, Maps, etc.) will no longer be available as “one-off” purchases with Sell Advanced except for Automate (Guided Selling) for new deals. They will continue (along with added storage, support, Enhanced Forecasting, etc.) to be included as part of Sell Premier and will still be available for existing customers. 

Additionally, existing customers may continue under their current add-ons structure but should note that Sell Premier provides all these capabilities under one price, one contract at a discounted rate.  

How does this impact Sell Premier? 

There will be no impact on Sell Premier. This Sell edition still comes with all its amazing added capabilities, including:  

  • Guided Selling (Sugar Automate)  
  • Mail and Calendar Integration (Sugar Connect) 
  • Data Enrichment & News Feed (Sugar Hint- also includes Sugar Connector for LinkedIn Sales Navigator)  
  • Geo Mapping (Sugar Maps) 
  • Enhanced support 
  • 2x the managed storage  
  • Enhanced Forecasting 

It’s premier functionality, premier storage, and premier support. Sell Premier offers everything you need in one affordable and accessible package. Get the tools and support your growing business needs from the world’s most flexible & customizable CRM solution.    

Brand-New for SugarCRM On-Prem Customers: Enterprise+  

Our second big announcement is that we now have a premium package available for our on-premises customers: Enterprise+ (pronounced “Enterprise Plus”).  

With Sugar Enterprise on-premises, customers have full control of their CRM and can deploy it their way, on their terms. But what about customers who want more from their on-premises solution? Now we have an answer. Introducing Sugar Enterprise+. Enterprise+ is a premier on-premises CRM solution that’s designed to take your organization to new heights—on your terms.  

Your organization operates on-premises for a reason, but that shouldn’t mean you have to miss out on many of the great features in our flagship CRM cloud solution, Sell Premier. With Enterprise+, you get a full suite of capabilities that can help your reps work smarter, not harder. 

How much does Enterprise+ cost?  

Enterprise+ is $120 per user/per month for new and existing Enterprise customers.  

What does Enterprise+ include?  

  • Sugar Enterprise base package  
  • Guided Selling (Sugar Automate)  
  • Mail and Calendar Integration (Sugar Connect) 
  • Data Enrichment & News Feed (Sugar Hint- also includes LinkedIn Sales Navigator connector)  
  • Geo Mapping (Sugar Maps) 
  • Enhanced support 

Is there a minimum number of users required for Enterprise+? 

Like Sell Premier, there will be a 10-user minimum for Enterprise+.  

Will existing Enterprise customers be able to keep their add-on functionality?  

Yes, we will continue to support this option; however, Enterprise+ will make bundling these capabilities more affordable.  

What version(s) of Enterprise do I need to be on to benefit from this packaging? 

Customers will need to be on the latest version of Enterprise (13.0) and beyond to take advantage of the Enterprise+ feature set.   

Will new Enterprise customers be able to buy one-off add-on capabilities moving forward?  

No, similar to the new Advanced structure, most add-ons will no longer be available for new customers. The exceptions are Sugar Connect (Mail & Calendar Integration) and Automate (Guided Selling). Add-ons will continue to be available for existing customers. 

We know that these are big changes, and we’re here to support you. If you have any questions or are interested in the Sell Advanced $5 uplift promotion for Mail & Calendar Integration or the new Enterprise+ solution, please reach out to your Sugar partner or representative today.