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Are you going to add maps to mobile application? I think it would be very useful. For instance user would be able to see his road based on meetings. Another example, user can see his position and positions of near accounts (based on adresses of accounts).
Are you going to add maps to mobile application? If yes, when will be added?


  • Does anyone have experience of 1. mapping Sugar Meeting Locations (on the Desktop application will do as a first step) and 2. calculating an optimised route between meetings?

    Has anyone used Mapsimise?

    From what I can make out on Sugar Exchange, Kinamu maps meetings but does not create any route between them, Mapsimise maps meetings and does route optimisation, but Proxima Maps only offers routes based on your current location, so no joining/optimising of route between meetings.

    Does anyone know of other solutions?

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  • Hi Michal,

    As you indicated, the map button currently redirects to a webpage.  Embedded maps is not in the near term roadmap for our standard mobile application.  

    We have however seen an increase in requests for geo-location and mapping solutions in regard to the SDK but many require server side work that is unique to a customer need.  As we see more use-cases that are common; we will be providing sample code or suggestions until this can support all known use-cases.


  • Hi,

    I see that there is a example with geo-location. I asked you are going to provide maps to mobile application. There is map button, but the button redirects to web page. Will maps be built into application? If not we create own solution.


  • Hi Mike,

    When you refer to maps, can you be more detailed on what you mean?  If you mean embedding google maps, it does require a API license from google.  I know other developers have already done this in the SDK.

    1- Are you asking for maps in general in the mobile application or capability with the SDK?

    2- The SDK allows you be support all the use-cases you provided via the geo-location APIs. There should be some sample code available.