How to set default Server Url at login setting?

How to set default sugar instance URL at login view. So user directly enters userId and password on login page, and login view setting becomes noneditable.

  • Shrikant  Borkar, hi!
    This can be done simply via configuration file, which is is located here {your_custom_app_path}/

    Please study all available configuration by reading Javascript API Documentation part in docs that are shipped with SDK

    Following configuration will set sugar server url and make if non-editable

    "jsConfig": {
        "loginSettings": {
            * @property {boolean} editable - Flag indicating if the login settings is editable. If disabled, users wont be able to change sugar instance url,SSO settings. But would be able to edit SSL settings.
            "editable": false,

             * @property {string} defaultServerUrl - Specifies the default server instance URL.
             * Used by native app to populate the server instance URL on the login view.
            "defaultServerUrl": "http://localhost:8888/7_11/ent"

    Best regards, Eugene
  • just a typo, the file is {your_custom_app_path}/config/app.json.

    Thanks Eugene!

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