Increase Timeout in Sugar.API Call Request


Is there any way to set a Timeout Key in Sugar.API.Call to increase request time from 30000 ms to more.



  • Hi Shrikant
    There is an option in configuration file that governs AJAX requests delay. So you can prepare custom build using mobile SDK with custom timeout. This option is jsConfig.serverTimeout. Default value is 30 seconds

  • Hi Eugene,
    Thanks for the reply, I did that change earlier by changing the default server timeout value with new value inside config.json file. like below
    "jsConfig": {
        "appName": "",
       "productName": "",
       "brandName": "",
       "serverTimeout": 300,
       "appBuild": "1",
       "appVersion": "1.0",

    This solution work in case when I execute the project on the browser(chrome). but fails when I execute the same thing on the native device, The request fails by saying server timeout less than 30 sec.
    Please check the attached screenshot.


  • Hi

    I've just tried to reproduce your issue

    I've changed serverTimeout config as described above (I've set it to 47 seconds) and it worked fine for me

    Below you see screenshot of me connecting to Android Emulator with built apk

    How did you debug your issue? Why did you decide that serverTimeout value was not changed in your case?

    Best regards, Eugene