App Store Connect | Apple Developer best way tu upload custom APK

Hello All:

Can someone please helpme to understand how to upload to Apple Store a customized  mobile APK?

Our understandig is that there are 2 ways to upload a app in IOS:

Option 1. Upload thru Apple Connect Store -- > and reach customers worldwide

Option 2. Upload thru Apple Business Manager -- > Develop custom apps for private distribution


We have tried upload via the 1st Option (Apple connect store) but we habe been rejected tree times :-(... Atached youllfind screenshot No. 1: "Apple Store Rejection"

The problem of uploading thru the 2nd option, is that the user experience to download the app is quite tormenting because it involves apple MDM and a log steps experience... 


As you can see in the 2nd and 3rd attachment, the process for a customer to download our custom app is quite annoing and not good experience... 


Has someone succesfully upload to Apple Store a custom mobile App for SugarCRM? what is the correct way?

We have CERO problems like this in Android. 

**Succesfull custom APK uploded in Google Play: 

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