Is it possible to add a HTML5 canvas element as a field to the android app ?


The title probably says it all. I want to create a canvas field on the app where users can draw their signature! I am aware that will have to create the canvas and the logic of it myself!
but how can I show it on the android app ?
it works actually fine on the desktop version.

Alternatively, is there a way to show an iframe field on the app as well ?!

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  • Thanks Eugene Bychkov
    I'm not a developer, so I'll pass this info on.

    However, I really think it would be best if Sugar added this field to core to ensure quality and upgrade safe across all platforms.

    It would also help the new push for selling Sugar as a Services delivery platform, as other competing products have the signature field option for many years now.

    Can you refer to relevant Sugar team please?

    Thank you

    CRM Business Consultant

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