React, Redux, and Redux Toolkit available in Mobile SDK 65.0

In version 65.0 of the Mobile SDK, you can now use the React, Redux, and Redux Toolkit frameworks in the development of your custom SugarCRM mobile app. These libraries are now bundled in the SDK.

Using these new tools, you can introduce relevant components, views, and business logic inside your app. Please refer to the React, Redux, and Redux Toolkit documentation for full details on these libraries.

In the SDK, we have provided two well-commented and well-documented code samples that showcase how to use these frameworks. These samples can be found in the samples/react folder. Also, feel free to examine the source code inside your SDK installation folder (app/react) to review the patterns and approaches used.

Note: All existing customizations and build scripts should not be affected by these changes. These additional libraries simply give you more options when creating your customized SugarCRM mobile app.

We hope this opens up more doors for you to create amazing apps for your users!