Building chart dashlets and data visualizations using Sucrose


Learn how to create custom chart dashlets using SugarCRM’s new open source charting library Experts will be on hand to explain the new features available in Sucrose as well as how to migrate existing chart dashlets. A number of exercises will be available to show how to set up a dashlet view with plugins, configure new chart types, and bind data resources.

Session Audience: Beginner


Henry Rogers


Software Engineer

Sushma Sheshadri


Lead, Software Development

Session Documents

Tutorial: Building chart dashlets and data visualizations using Sucrose | Download PDF 

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  • Thanks for the article,

    With new changes in Sugar 10, I think there are few places which need to be updated:

    - nv.model.pieChart() => sucrose.charts.pieChart()

    - d3 => d3sugar

    Hope my suggestion would help anyone go across this article looking for charting solution in Sugar 10.

    Kind regards,

    Anh Duc