Advanced Workflow Deep Dive


For this session, we will be diving into a typical process workflow that you can encounter.  We will discuss various elements of an Advanced Workflow process and examine the commonly used Advanced Workflow database tables.  We will also explore ways to customize Advanced Workflow elements for your own needs.

Attendees of this session will come away with...

  • Knowledge of the architecture of Advanced Workflow.
  • Insight on how to customize various elements of Advanced Workflow.


1. Process workflow

  • Behind the scenes look at the StartEvent object
  • A look at the code flow for a simple process
  • Logging and exceptions

2. Process elements

  • Action elements (Script Tasks)
  • Activity elements (User Tasks)
  • Gateways
  • Wait Timers

3. Commonly used database tables

  • Process definition table
  • Flow table
  • Business Rules table
  • Email Templates table
  • Other support tables

4. Extending advanced workflow through customizations

  • Process Manager library
  • Where to put custom files
  • How to name custom files
  • Creating a custom action


  • Presenter: Robert Gonzalez
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Target Audience: Sugar Development Beginners to Advanced
  • Prerequisites: Laptop