How to write code for SugarCloud (Recording)

Slides: How to write code for SugarCloud (Slides)

Q&A: How to write code for SugarCloud webinar Q&A 

We often get questions about building code customizations for SugarCloud. Even experienced developers who have developed customizations for on-site Sugar installations do not know what is possible in SugarCloud. In short, SugarCloud does support custom code though there are some rules that need to be followed. We will dig into how write code customizations for SugarCloud in this webinar.


  • SugarCloud Architecture

  • Supported SugarCloud Customizations

  • Managing and Packaging Custom Code

  • Walkthru: Professor M’s School for Gifted Coders

  • Deployment Environments

  • Advice from other Sugar Developers

    • Jeff from Faye BSG

    • Justin from Technology Advisors

    • Ionut from W-Systems

  • SugarCloud Commandments

  • Q & A