• Use priorities to select which ScheduledJobs must run

    • New on 8 Sep 2022
    Hey Guys, Following yesterday Q&A about Jobs I would like to propose adding priorities level to the job queue system. This should help addressing the mass-update job issue, which we get on some use cases. We sometime need to execute some logic which...
    • 8 Sep 2022 9:49 AM
  • Configure a FieldSet field (address for instance)

    • New on 3 Mar 2023
    • 1 Comment
    Hello, it would be great that administrator can customize (and also maybe create) fieldset fields from the studio. For instance, the address fiedlset format is not "relevant" for our customer (the state is not an important field and we would rather...
    • 3 Mar 2023 9:33 AM
  • Separate import/export permissions from API permission

    • New on 9 Mar 2022
    • 1 Comment
    Hello, It is a best practice to prevent users from exporting data to CSV or mass-importing. However, blocking these permissions will prevent them from using the Outlook plugin (and Sugar Connect, I suspect). It would be great it there were additional...
    • 9 Mar 2022 10:00 AM
  • Allow Custom Class names for SugarPDF Customizations

    • New on 8 Sep 2020
    • 1 Comment
    Dear Sugar Support Team, As of Sugar 10, Sugar PDF doesn't allow customizations, but it would really help if you can allow Custom Class names for extending SugarPDF, just like how the rest of the Extension framework works. The simple change required...
    • 8 Sep 2020 7:24 PM
  • Bean save should enforce require fields

    • New on 17 Feb 2023
    Currently, if a Bean is saved via API or programmatically, required fields are not enforced. Being required is a UX concept only. Shouldn't required fields should be enforced by the Bean?.
    • 17 Feb 2023 10:47 PM
  • Add a maxConditionalRelatedDate function for calculated fields

    • New on 4 Feb 2022
    I need a sibling to the existing rollupConditionalMinDate formula that will find a maximum date where certain related fields meet defined conditions. Also, it would be good to be consistent with your formula names. Why isn't rollupConditionalMinDate...
    • 4 Feb 2022 3:27 AM
  • Touch language files so they 'compile' in the right order

    • New on 19 Jun 2021
    Since we know that studio ONLY updates language files that follow two naming conventions, xx_xx.lang.php for $mod_strings and xx_xx.sugar_xxxxx.php for $app_list_strings we should either have a repair or incorporate into the QRR some code that touches...
    • 19 Jun 2021 4:39 PM
  • Exporting relationships from one instance to other using Studio

    • New on 6 Nov 2020
    • 1 Comment
    Hi, Can we have a functionality to export the relationships added through studio so that we can export all the relationships from one instance to other., the same way how we export studio customisation. Right now, Option 1) We are creating them manually...
    • 6 Nov 2020 1:18 PM