over 2 years ago

Add support for upserts in SugarCRM API

Hi SugarCRM,

I'd like to highlight this as a key missing element for the SugarCRM API. Specifically, this API allows us to integrate more easily with external systems by using the upsert functionality based on an external key or id. It's available in the other major CRM platforms, and means that we can, for example, more easily synchronize data from an ERP into SugarCRM, for display using the S7 UI. Specifically, we'd need to be able to:

  • Define a unique key on each module we'd like to use this on (in addition to the existing id)
  • Use that unique key to upsert, both for individual records and mass update/insert operations via the API

This could be done with an API extension, but in reality it needs to be done in the core system (sugarbean or db drivers) as the query to perform an upsert would vary depending on the underlying database.