What is the functionality of get_full_list and its parameters does

Hi Team

This is exactly what i needed. can you please explain following line of code ? 

get_full_list(null,'(name != "Foo Bar" )',true);

can't understand the parameters, null, true, and  '(name != "Foo Bar" )'. wasn't it an array of string fields ? 



Ramana Raju Santhana

Mehul  Bhandari

  • Hi Syed

    The syntax of get_full_list is as:

    function get_full_list($order_by = "", $where = "", $check_dates=false, 
    $show_deleted = 0)

    Let’s take a look at its method prototype:

    Here 1st Parameter $order_by is the ORDER BY clause for the eventual SQL statement that will generated.

    2nd Parameter $where is the literal SQL WHERE clause for the query. Again, we have no parameterized queries here, so we’ll need to manually quote any user input.

    3rd Parameter $check_dates is a boolean that will control the format of any date fields populated by the object. If false/omitted, the dates will be returned in the native database format

    2016-11-04 09:08:05

    If set to true, SugarCRM will format those dates based on its configuration, as well as convert the date to the local timezone.

    Finally, 4th Parameter $show_deleted controls whether deleted records are returned or not. Remember, SugarCRM never deletes data, it only marks it in the database as deleted. By setting this parameter to true, your query will include items that have been deleted..

    Hope this Helps.

    Best Regards

    S Ramana Raju

  • If you look at data/SugarBean.php it shows a note that

    get_full_list is deprecated Use SugarQuery & $this->fetchFromQuery() instead



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