SLA tracking and reporting in Sugar similar to that offered by JIRA?


I have a questions about case management and SLAs, summarised basically as "Can we achieve SLA tracking and reporting in Sugar similar to that offered by a product like JIRA ( ?"

Here is a little more context of what we want to do -

I'm customising Sugar on-demand for a company that provides managed network solutions. I'm after some guidance on creating SLA's with Sugars case management module. Essentially we need to be able to start and stop a timer based on the status change of a ticket so that we can report on SLAs and time spent working on tickets. Ideally we want multiple time captures - Eg total time ticket is opened and time tech actually works on a ticket.

We have looked at and played with JIRA ( As a dedicated service management platform, it provides these sort of SLA features.

However we have a strong desire to keep case management within Sugar since the company captures a lot client information (such as equipment and contracts) that are imperative to the service delivery and needs to be available along with case information.

So basically my question is - can we achieve this with Sugar? I've searched this community, google and  and found very little regarding SLA's and Sugar (only a couple of old posts and an old mention that it's been a feature request).

Thanks in advance,