New Approve/Reject Process


I would like to create a BMP for Approving Opportunity Probability change to 75%. Once that happens, I would like a user to receive a notification to approve that opportunity. If she approves, this is the end of process. If she does not - I would like the opportunity to remain and the probability it was on + for the opportunity owner to receive an email.

I am not sure how to finish it - would you be able to help me? I am not sure if it's possible to send an approved or rejected email to the opportunity owner. I am also not 100% on the Approval for Target Live Date step settings. 



  • Hello  , 

    Can you check if this approach would work for you as a starting point: 

    You would need to implement an exclusive gateway to separate the thread if the Supervisor Approves/Rejects the Opportunity Change.A good example for this scenario is the stock template process Quote Approval When Discount Exceeds 20%

    The only requirement that it's not clear to me is "I would like the opportunity to remain and the probability it was on". 
    For that you might need to store the previous Probability Value, or just change the Probability value to a placeholder value to have the user re filling it according the new feedback. 

    In any case, I hope this is a good start and let me know if it works for you. 



  •  thank you so much, that is so helpful. 

    I was able to proceed further, I think I am 70%-80% there. This is how my workflow looks like now:

    The probability requirement is that if a user changes probability to 75% and that has been rejected, it should default to its previous probability, until other fields (Target Live Date) are updated. 

    Also, I am confused on how to choose the user for the approval for the change - they are not a manager, so is there a way for me to just choose from a list? 



  • Hello  , 

    On the question If you can select the user that will approve the change, that's quite straightforward, you'll need to select it in the settings of the step like so: 

    In terms of reverting the Probability value to the Original one if it's reject, that requires some more steps as we'll need to record the value of the previous probability in a separate field to be able to revert the probability value to that same field if the process was not approved. 

    However, this might get trickier as Probability by default is calculated depending on the Sales Stage of the Opportunity. 

    Do you have the same setup on your instance or is the user directly changing the probability value? 

  • Hi  ,

    Thanks for that :) 

    Yes, we change the Sales Stage and Probability is updated automatically. In that case, I can change the workflow to Sales Stage update (rather than Probability update). 

    I  am just trying to understand, if I don't make any other updates, and somebody changes the opportunity to 75% Sale Stage, and this is rejected, what will happen to the opportunity? The goal is to approve the sales stage change. 



  • Hello  , 

    When the new Opportunity Sales Stage is rejected you'll need to setup a "Change Field" Step to edit the Opportunity Record. 

    The limitation here is that Sugar will only allow you to select the value from the dropdown list and not a dynamic value. This is limitation is documented as the following Idea

    This means that all the "Rejected" Opportunities will be reverted to the same selected fixed value (eg. Qualification) and not to the value they had before the process was triggered. 

    Would that be a valid approach for your business case? 

    If not we might need to think of alternatives, I was considering that an alternative we could explore is preventing the users from selecting specific sales stages and have them creating a task to the supervisor requesting that change instead. 

    Let me know your thoughts. 



  •   I think it will work, because all opportunities will move from 50% to 75% so it's fine. 

    Thank you so much for your help!


  • Hi,   

    I enabled the process for the user, and once it's trigger she can see it in her Processes, however when she clicks on the affected record (opportunity) she does not have the option to approve / reject.

    I checked, and she is assigned to that process, so I am wondering if there are other settings / restrictions in place that I need to set up?