Mass delete Files from records, but leave the records

Dear friends...

Any ideas on a way to mass delete files from records but to leave the record itself intact?

I actually thought I was doing this succesfully, but was deluding myself...  I use a report to ID the records I need, then from that report export do a textjoin to get a string of ID's, then use Postman to do the mass update using that string of ID's:

PUT {{url}}g_Registration/MassUpdate      (a custom module with file field: data-name="filename")

    "massupdate_params": {
        "uid": [
       "filename" : ""

But I now realise if I add a new filename

"filename" : "newFileName.pdf"

the actual file was still there! just with no name.

The Delete method: DELETE {{url}}g_Registration/MassUpdate... perfectly deletes the entire record.

So wondering if there is another way for a mere admin to achieve the same?
I was unable to use process definition to remove the file too.

If you work for Sugar and see this...  if only Data Archiver had some additional functionality to update a record? That'd be cool.

Thank for any tips...