Issues upgrading Sugar from 13.3.0 to 14.0.0


I have run the upgrade for our local instance to move from Sugar 13.3.0 to 14.0.0. For the stack I am using your repo ( because I have noticed you recently added support for version 14. I have created a "mac" version of the php83.yml file to improve local performance. The main change is that I am using a "delegated" in the docker volumes. When I try to start Sugar is not loading and there is no error in the logs. I have managed to run it switching to the old (php7.4) stack and switching back to the new one but then when I have tried to save some modules the screen get stuck after "Saving" and doesn't show the successfully saved message or redirects. Also I have noticed that the terminal repair function is not working as mentioned in the following thread.

Any ideas please?